Cure Catheter® Male Hydrophilic Coated Sterile Intermittent Urinary Catheter, 16″ L

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The Cure Hydrophilic Male Catheter, by Cure Medical, is a sterile catheter system that is package sealed and includes a separate pouch of sterile water. This catheter is meant for easier insertion and will facilitate quick bladder drainage when needed. They are all-in-one catheter systems that are great choices for those who have neurogenic bladders or with a history of incomplete bladder emptying. And for men who are prone to getting urinary tract infections, the hydrophilic catheters are the best choice to limit the chances of infection with frequent catheterization.


The Cure Hydrophilic Male Catheter is designed in such a way where the catheter can be soaked with the provided sterile water packet. This is a type ofintermittent catheter that, when in contact with water, creates a slick, lubricated surface. This package is convenient to allow the patient or caregiver to clasp the end and soak the catheter, which become fully activated after 25 seconds. The male catheter, like all of their intermittent catheter, are fashioned with smooth polished eyelets to further enhance the non-irritating properties and smooth insertion. The base end is fitted with the Cure Blue Grip handle so there is less hand contact with the catheter tube.


The Cure Hydrophilic Male Catheter is 16 inches long. It is single-use only and cannot be re-sterilized after the package is opened. It should be stored room temperature and out of the sunlight or away from any UV light source. The plastic used is DEHP free.


Cure Hydrophilic Male Catheter Features and Benefits


  • The catheter does not need lubrication as the hydrophilic surface is activated after contact with the sterile water.
  • This intermittent catheter is ideal for difficult insertions.
  • The catheter has smoothed eyelets to prevent irritation.
  • It comes sterile in the package and has a base end gripper to help the user with insertion while limiting hand contact with the catheter shaft.

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