Hollister 3184 Stoma Cap with Microporous Adhesive, Box of 30

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Hollister Stoma Cap with Porous Cloth Tape Adhesive 2″ Opening 4-1/4″ Size Transparent, Integrated Filter and Odor-Barrier Film

Stoma Cap is confidence assured with porous tape. Convenient and lightweight. The integral gas filter deodorized and vents gas from within the bag by passing it through a specially designed device consisting of activated carbon. Non-adherent absorbent pad which protects the stoma. This product can also be worn while swimming or bathing without affecting its performance.

  • Pre-Sized Skin Barrier Stoma Opening.
  • Odor Barrier Film.
  • Integral Gas Filter.
  • Bathing/swimming allowable.
  • Tape Border.
  • Transparent Pouch.
  • Recommended for home use.
  • Security and confidence assured with porous tape; integral deodorizing/venting filter.
  • Confidence and Security is achieved by absorbent pad; Absorbent pad protects the stoma and is non adherent.
  • Convenient and lightweight.

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