Coloplast SenSura CLICK TWO-PIECE Xpro Barrier, Convex Light, w/ Belt Tabs, Cut-To-Fit, Extended Wear, Yellow Coupling



SenSura Click Barriers, by Coloplast, are wafers designed with unique technology that makes it easy to snap two-piece ostomy stystems together. Coloplast designed this system to match the appropriate wafer size to it respective pouch along with all the useful features that help make the livelihood of an ostomy pouch wearer a little easier.

The SenSura Click Barrier uses a mechanical coupling that will make an audible ‘click’ to confirm that the pouch is locked to the wafer barrier. These come either as standard wear or extended wear, in both flat and convex shapes. The Sensura Click Barriers are pre-cut as well as cut-to-fit.


Operating the SenSura Click Mechanism

The pouch opening and the wafer is simply matched together and pressed firmly until a click is hears. To get the pouch into the most comfortable position to wear, it can be rotated into the desired position to accommodate your body’s position (standing, lying down, emptying) without having to remove the pouch from the barrier. The mechanical coupling can also be repositioned to enable easy handling whether you’re left- or right-handed. The pouch can be removed separately from the SenSura double-layer barrier, allowing the pouch to be changed more frequently than the adhesive barrier.

SenSura Click Barriers are available shaped convex light and flat The oval shape of the convex light barrier is designed to help stomas that are difficult to manage — good for users whose stomas are flush, retracted, or located in a skin fold. It applies light and directed pressure on the peristomal skin to reduce the risk of leakage by allowing the stoma to protrude. Convex light options would be a recommendation through a medical care provider.

SenSura Click Barriers Features and Benefits

  • The wafer will simply click into place with the pouch.
  • The wafer is color coded to match the appropriate pouch.
  • The wafers come in flat or convex shapes to compensate for specific stoma openings.
  • They come in both pre-cut and cut-to-fit options.
  • When attached, the pouch can be rotated into the desired position to accommodate your body’s position without having to remove the pouch from the Sensura barrier.


Product name Product number Barrier type Stoma size Opening type Convexity Belt tabs Coupling size HCPCS Code Eaches/Box
SenSura® Click barrier 11045 Extended wear Ø 15-53 mm | 5/8 – 2 1/16” Cut-to-fit Convex light Yes Yellow A4408 5

This item is priced per box.  Savings are available if purchased in larger quantities.

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