ADVANCE, COMPLETE CARE, BARDEX I.C., Foley Tray, Drainage Bag, Anti-Reflux Chamber, Microbicidal Control-Fit Outlet Tube, STATLOCK Stabilization Device



All BARDEX® I.C. drainage bag Foley trays feature a BARDEX® I.C. anti-infective latex Foley catheter with BACTI-GUARD®* silver alloy coating and BARD® hydrogel pre-connected to a 2000ml COMPLETE CARE® drainage bag. This tray features a tamper-evident seal at the catheter/drainage tube junction, EZ-LOK® Sampling Port, and an antimicrobial CONTROL-FIT™ Outlet Device.

Size 16Fr and 18Fr

This item is priced individually.  Savings are available if purchased in larger quantities.


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