• Drainable pouches are open-ended with some type of secure closure, such as a clamp, press and seal, velcro, etc., so that you can empty your pouch and reuse. For instance, Convatec Pouches, like the popular SUR-FIT® Natura drainable pouches, feature a wide tail-like opening for easy, safe emptying along with an Invisiclose® Lock-It-Pocket™ that rolls up to hide the tail-end opening. This closure type provides the security and comfort of a closed pouch, so you can feel confident about your drainable pouch staying secure and comfortable throughout the day.
  • This type of pouch is most suitable for collecting liquid, such as urine, or bowel movements that are more liquid in consistency (i.e. not fully formed or thick).
  • Does not require changing out as often as a closed pouch, so fewer pouches are used.
  • May be difficult to empty if your output is formed or of a thicker consistency.
  • Easy to empty and clean, prior to eventual disposal.
  • Ideally should be emptied when the pouch is about half-full.
  • The outlet/closure should be cleaned of any output that may remain on the pouch after each time it is emptied.

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