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Enjoy Summer and Swim, Even If You Have an Ostomy

There is nothing better than getting in to cool water in the ocean, lake or pool to take a break from the summer heat. Don’t be limited due to your ostomy. Colostomy patients can do virtually everything that people without one can. In fact, a great number of patients can even do more than many people without a stoma. The only limitation, if there is any, is the limitation that the patient has set for him or herself. In other words, if you are a colostomy patient, try as much as is possible not to limit yourself to certain activities that had been part of your lifestyle before your surgical procedure.

Swimming is a great way for colostomy patients to keep fit and maintain good energy levels. To swim with a colostomy bag attached is fine as long as some securing ostomy product is used, or swimwear that fits firmly around the waist/abdomen is worn.

If you are worried about discretion, there are special small colostomy bags available which are very discrete and ideal for swimming. Therefore, there is no reason to think there’ll be “accidents” in the pool. The Coloplast Mio 1-Piece Closed Pouch has a “Full-circle filter for proven reduction of ballooning.” If the filter isn’t the issue, and it’s just about keeping the barrier waterproof, there are barrier strips you can use. Coloplast Brava® Elastic Barrier Strips, which come in a curved shape, Y shape or straight can be very helpful.

It is advisable not to stay in the water for more than forty five minutes. A prolonged stay in water is not the best for colostomy bag face-plates.Being in water for too long makes the edges of the faceplate (a waxy plate with adhesive) absorb water. If the plate is exposed to water long enough, the wax will start to soften and turn into a putty textured stuff. When this happens, the faceplate starts to loosen, and will come off eventually giving room for leakages or foul odor.

Having a colostomy bag on shouldn’t keep stoma patients from having a great time swimming nor having fun at the beach.


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