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Lifeline Medical Supply

We Sell Ostomy and Catheter Supplies


Life Line Medical Supply is family owned by the Wife & Husband team of Mary & Frank Nicholson. It was founded in 1992.  After 26 years as a Flight Attendant Mary Nicholson, our Senior Vice President has chronic constipation. She learned about Ostomy products from her gastroenterologist and surgeon.

Frank Nicholson, our President, assisted a European manufacturer of Ostomy products introduce a warning sensor device into the US. It assists users and caregivers.

We provide Hassle free shopping.  No questions asked — Put it in the cart and pay.

We are one of the few mail order suppliers that will accept an assignment of Medicare benefits for payment. Our Medicare Provider Number was awarded during 2002.

Today there are 2256 Ostomy products on this website. The normal delivery time is two days. However, that can be expedited to overnight if necessary and available in your area. At the national UOAA Conference in Jacksonville, Florida, Mary and Frank worked with national leaders to craft a fundraising program for local Ostomy Support Groups. They are active in many of the Texas Support Groups.