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Welcome to Lifeline Medical Supply

Welcome to Lifeline Medical Supply. Located in Dallas Texas , for over 10 years, we have been specializing in providing the highest quality ostomy and catheter supplies delivered directly to your home or office at the lowest cost.  Providing reliable, top-quality brands such as BARDColoplast and Hollister, we take pride in the products we carry.

Whether you’re looking for male or female intermittent catheters, one or two piece ostomy pouches, adhesive pastes, powders, or any other medical accessories, we carry them all.

Take a few minutes to browse around. If you don’t see the supplies you’re looking for, contact us.  Many times we can still provide you with what you need.

Not only do we take pride in the products we provide, we value each customer as an individual, not just a number on the page. We understand your wish for privacy and respect. We want to make your shopping experience with us pleasurable and easy. Please be aware that it is federally mandated that some products will require a prescription. Your doctor can fax a prescription to us at (866) 332 – 9161.

If you need ostomy and catheter supplies, look no further than Lifeline Medical Supply to be your supplier for life.

We provide Hassle free shopping.  No questions asked — Put it in the cart and pay.

Normal delivery time is two days. However, that can be expedited to overnight if necessary and if the service is available in your area.



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Need help with assigning your Medicare Benefits?

For assistance with assigning your medicare benefits please follow the link below.

We are one of the few mail order catheter and ostomy suppliers that will accept an assignment of Medicare benefits for payment to cover your ostomy supplies and catheter supplies.
Our Medicare Provider Number was awarded during 2002.

Medicare Help

Switching is easy and making Lifeline Medical your supplier won’t cause you to lose your benefits.

Switch to us & start saving!

Switching is easy and won’t cause you to lose your medicare benefits.

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